Captain Hook's Marina

Winter Storage

    Accepting applications  for "on-land" winter storage, blocked or on your trailer.


    Blocked Winter Storage - $35.00 per foot. L.O.A


    End of Season Haul-out

    Hot Water power washing of the hull with a NJDEP approved recovery system

    Blocked and Re-launch in the spring


    Boat on your trailer storage- up to 25 foot L.O.A = $500 ($22.00 per ft over 25 ft. L.O.A)



                                                                                                                                                              20, 000 lb. Taylor Marine fork lift


    Additional charges:

    Bottom Painting - Time + Material

    Winterization of motors & systems - Time + Material

    Boat jack stand rental - $20.00 each

    Shrink Wrap - $15.00 per ft. (average size boats up to 25ft. w/ 8'-9.5' beam) **some fly bridges and T-tops extra

    Mechanical work- $90.00 per hour





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